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127 Hours Full Movie
127 Hours Full Movie

This is the story of a boy whose name is eren l eren hicking means the city of high hills and the place where it becomes deserted. And while he is hiking there, he sees two girls.

127 Hours Full Movie Review

 Actually this girls had lost their way and he says I can help you some. He goes to both of them. His name is Christy and Megan Aron shows them both the right path and along with them to guide them Goes ahead in the journey and when he reaches far ahead, he speaks to him that he knows another way and I guarantee that I will enjoy you very much in that journey. It is red and starts moving from the three mountain elements of the three. These paths are very thin and if all three reach forward, they jump from there and they are scared to see that they are dead. He makes a sound from below because there is a lot of water at the bottom and asks both of his sisters to jump and after this both of them also go and they enjoy it in this game. Let's enjoy it at that school for a long time and then leave from there. After leaving from there, we have to go ahead for the rankings and Agriculture and Megan take you to their house and take a selfie and ask if we will again Will you ever meet the corporation? We have a party at our house tomorrow night and you too can come and after that, you are leaving from there. Arena is moving through the mountains, this entire hacking is very much enjoyed Is doing but the paths here are very active and very dangerous and when coming down from the other mountains, there is only a stone there, but it supports it but it goes down because of which the stone goes And the stone that had supported him falls on top of the hand and now it has come under the stone in the middle of other hills, although he does not get hurt much but his hand Can't get out of yes, tries to remove his hand but all his efforts fail and when he feels that he can't get out of there, he calls out to Ganaur Christi loudly but his voice gets him out. Can not go because the narrow hills and bringing out the voice from here is impossible even in this wilderness where no one comes.

127 Hours Full Movie in Hindi

127 Hours Full Movie in Hindi

After this, Aron opens his back and takes out all the bicycle stuff in his bag, he has to get out of it anyway because he knows that there is no one here for many months now who is here He has to remove that stuff, he has a knife inside and with the help of that knife, he starts smashing the rock from the side but there is a but or a solid rock and along with it Ren's straight Q is trapped inside the rock so the difficulty in breaking stones inverted hand but still does not give Arain. And he constantly tries to break that stone, in the meantime, the knife falls from his hand and falls down and he tries to lift it with the hand, but he cannot lift it because he is very far away but However, somehow, Naifco picks up his hand and starts cutting the rock once again, but he completely fails in this task and his knife edge also Ri ends up and it is now night and it has been several hours since Erren is stranded.

127 Hours Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed

 127 Hours Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed

He does not know how he will get out of here, so he constantly tries to remove his hand to get out of here and Arenko has been stranded here for 25 hours but still does not find any way to get out of it, after that who is his camera And he starts recording his own. He tells that he has been stuck in the middle of a stone for the last 25 hours and no one knows he is there and he He comes there without telling him that he also tells that he has very little food and very little water to drink. Now when he is recording all this, only then he gets a voice from above and he feels that There is someone there and shouts loudly.

127 Hours Movie Download in Hindi  480p

127 Hours Movie Download in Hindi  480p

But her shouting is of no use because there is no one there and after a few hours, once again, Kiran is hungry and teaches what he has left over to eat and only then He remembers that tonight, Christie and Menon invited him to a party and he starts imagining this party and even talks to himself. It is common and he gets it on him as he is going out of his house on Saturday for hiking while his mother's call also comes but he does not pick up their call and does not tell them to go hacking If I could have told them, then it could have broken it and reach here, but now no one knows where Aron is now, on the third day, that is, he makes the stone a pulley. The stone which is on his hand and tries to lift that other part of the rope but even after trying hard, he does not move the stone, after this he is very fast by throwing money to the same Mr. of the rope but No success is achieved.

Google Drive 127 Hours Movie in Hindi

Google Drive 127 Hours Movie in Hindi

And now on the third day, Rain's drinking water is also exhausted and when he urinates, he fills the Urine in his bottle because if he does not get water then he will die and now he has to drink his own urine. Here he has nothing to do and he takes care of small things and he cannot even move from this place, some insects come here and if he wants to kill and eat them You have to wait to reach him. With this, in this hill pass, you get 15 minutes of sunshine in 1 day, after that the sun goes away from there, within 3 days, you are hungry and thirsty and completely disturbed by this environment. And now he decides that he will cut off his hands, binds his hands well on top and what he does not have, he tries to cut his hand but now his edge is over Arran is very angry because of which she does not cut with a knife and Nepal records in the camera. Never buy cheap Chinese thing and it is of no use, so 1 day is over. Goes and it becomes night, he remembers his last days very much.

And when we are remembering everyone, then it starts raining heavily in the sky above and the train has run out of water and it fills up the water in its bottle and the water starts coming in those mountainous rates. But Aaron's hand was stuck and slowly the level of water increases and Aaron starts drowning in it. And the agent goes under water and tries to lift that stone and after a lot of difficulty and he picks up that stone, his hand goes out from there, after this, 2 parts go to his car and sit in his car. And passes through a park there.

But all this is a dream. Oh, he is still trapped in that mountain pass and he starts screaming loudly and he starts having strange strange dreams because he is very hungry. And that leads to confusion.

And in the meantime, he talks to himself a lot and his behavior changes very much and he says that if he had picked up his mother's call, he might have survived today and the shopkeeper from whom he bought the hiking goods He did not even tell him anything; if the medicine could have told anything to him, he could have got his missing report done and someone would have saved him. All his hopes are broken.

Abe runs once again to run his hand and that knife again inserts the next part of the knife inside his hand and his hand starts bleeding but Aron is unable to do anything and thus He leaves for 1 more day and staying on the sixth day has become very weak and he will not be able to survive if he does not leave from here.

The next morning, on the sixth day, when he becomes a bit lighter, he has some dreams, he sees that he has a child and is playing with his child and suddenly there is power in him.

And he starts pressing his trapped hand on the opposite side and breaks the bone of his hand, after which the knife he has and he has gifted the knife with a stone.

And slowly he cuts off his hand and in this way he dislocates his hand from his body and leaves on the sixth day after sacrificing his hand.

But still it is not so easy to get out of that park.

But Aren does not lose his self-power and he continues to move even after suffering pain and then he sees a family who come here for hiking and Arn voices them and he helps them. After calling security, a helicopter arrives there and the agent is taken from there to the hospital in that helicopter. After some time, Aran is completely recovered and is Those who dreamed of their child, they later come true, and after 3 years, they meet a girl and they are married and they have a son named Leo.

Hey saw death very closely these days, but even after this hey did not leave his money and he still goes climbing and writes wherever he goes and it is sure that he has gone there and this With this story comes to an end and it is a true story.

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